20 years of stoves, wines …

Tavoletta is the gastronomic project of the Masverde Group. Since 2000 Masverde has been dedicated to hospitality but it is in 2013 the Tavoletta brand emerged and with it we incorporated new concepts both on demand and in restaurant management.

Why are we called Tavoletta?

Tavoletta in means table in Italian, for us it means sitting at the table, with wine and good food, where experiences, laughs, anecdotes and unforgettable moments arise.

Gastronomy is linked to emotions


TAVOLETTA’s gastronomy is based on 4 pillars, tradition, flavor, quality and vocation.

Tradition and flavor
We like to investigate; investigate new trends and surprise the guest with creativity. We define ourselves as a product-loving company, traditional dishes made from the quality of raw products.

No matter how much research is done in the kitchen, the quality of the raw material is the beginning and the end.

We get the taste the same way, cooking with passion, over low heat and without haste.

We understand quality from the point of view of service, attention, treatment and desire that we have so that our diners enter the world of tavoletta, and enjoy not only gastronomy but a complete experience.

We understand vocation as passion for our profession and for the pursuit of excellence. Aristotle said that excellence is not an action but a habit. For us it means giving the best of us in each service, in each menu; this is how Tavoletta arises, for doing things in the best way and understanding that in the kitchen and in the room you can always improve